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Thanks for your interest in the Sacrament of Matrimony at St. Martin of Tours.  If you are an engaged person, our Marriage Preparation Guidelines provides a great starting point so be sure to visit the link to the left. You can also download and print the guidelines as a PDF document.

As soon as you decide to marry we ask that you contact the Parish Office at 513-661-2000 to begin the preparation process.  If possible, it is preferable that preparation begin a year before the wedding will take place. However, you should contact us at least six months in advance of your desired date.  A meeting will be scheduled with the priest or a member of the Pastoral staff.  At that meeting, the date of your wedding will be confirmed and the planning/preparation process will be explained.

If you would like to set a wedding date, or have any questions regarding a wedding at St. Martin of Tours, please call our office at 513-661-2000.